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Convenient location in the middle of the city. Two malls are the heart of this area, the BCS Mall and Grand Batam Mall, the mall have cinemas, supermarket, lots of restaurants and shops. Never get short of food in this area, there is a A2 food court nearby or try the local street food in this area. There are also many massage center available within walking distance.

Nearby Attraction : Grand Batam Mall, BCS Mall, Thai Best Massage, A2 Foodcourt, Astro Food Court.
89 Hotel Batam Batam Hotel | 89 Hotel Batam + Ferry + Land Transfer
S$ 114.00

Artotel Batam Batam Hotel | Artotel Batam + Ferry + Land Transfer
S$ 131.00

Aston Inn Gideon Batam Batam Hotel | Aston Inn Gideon Batam + Ferry + Land Transfer
S$ 119.00

Batam City Hotel Batam Hotel | Batam City Hotel + Ferry + Land Transfer
S$ 117.00

i Hotel Baloi Batam Batam Hotel | i Hotel Baloi Batam + Ferry + Land Transfer
S$ 134.00

Swiss Bellinn Baloi Batam Hotel | Swiss Bellinn Baloi + Ferry + Land Transfer
S$ 127.00

The BCC Hotel and Residence Batam Hotel | The BCC Hotel and Residence + Ferry + Land Transfer
S$ 127.00

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